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BYU Independent Study

SHHS Academic Options Program
BYU - Independent Study for Distance Education

St. Helens High School utilizes the web-based platform, BYU - Independent Study. BYU Independent Study has a proven track record in correspondence education with over ninety-six years of experience. The modern online format has been in place for twenty-two years. All online courses are taught by certified instructors that are highly qualified in their field.


  • Low tuition
  • Self-paced
  • 500+ online courses
  • Teacher-led option
  • One year to complete course
  • Enroll anytime
  • Scholarships available
  • Free tutoring
  • Local final exam proctoring

There are approximately 550 online courses for middle school, high school, and college level as well as free non-credit courses. Students have the opportunity to meet the core and elective requirements that are essential for graduation. Courses are being continually being added to the catalog.

Distance education courses are self-paced which gives students the opportunity to get course credits in a variety of subjects at home and in the classroom. Courses earn one-half credit per course. Students can enroll at any time and finish as soon as a week and up to one year.

Since distance courses are self-paced, it requires students to be responsible and self-motivated.

Student take courses for five reasons:

  • They need to make up credit for a class that was failed or not taken.
  • Want courses not offered by a brick-and-mortar school.
  • They want to make faster progress than in the classroom alone.
  • School scheduling conflicts.
  • They want to graduate early.

Academic Options helps students succeed in a rapidly changing learning environment. Incorporating online learning plays a fundamental role in student education, now and for the future.

Students should check with school counselors and administration prior to enrollment to ensure classes meet graduation requirements.

    “Almost all types and sizes of institutions show a steady increase
in the importance of online education in their long-term strategy.” (Sloan Consortium Study “Online Education in the United States, 2006)   

If you have any questions about our distance education program please contact Gwendolyn Mays or your student's counselor.  

Gwendolyn Mays
Credit Recovery Systems Coordinator
Phone: 503.366.7437