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Edmentum Courseware

SHHS Academic Options Program
Edmentum Courseware for Online Learning  

Students complete coursework in the Edmentum learning environment through authentic participation in tutorials and accompanying activities and assessments.

Evaluating a student’s learning and credit recovery process is completed by Academic Options teachers through a variety of means, which may include: pretests, posttests, mastery tests, semester tests, guided notes, reflections, free response questions, or other assessment options personalized through teacher-student collaboration.

Academic Options help students succeed in a rapidly changing learning environment. Incorporating online learning plays a fundamental role in student education, now and for the future.

Placement in these courses is a team decision involving students, school counselors, and administration for the purpose of meeting graduation requirements.

  “Almost all types and sizes of institutions show a steady increase
in the importance of online education in their long-term strategy.” (Sloan Consortium Study “Online Education in the United States, 2006)