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SHHS Academic Options

 St. Helens High School
Academic Options Program 

The St. Helens High School Academic Options Program uses two online educational platforms to ensure our students' success. 

We are using Edmentum Courseware to provide core class curriculum; math, science, government, history, language arts. Edmentum Courseware provides a valuable flexible alternative for students to gain credit; working in the classroom directly with teachers as well as independently on their own time. Placement in these courses is a team decision involving students, school counselors, and administration for the purpose of meeting graduation requirements.

We are also partnered with BYU - Independent Online Study Courses. The 550+ online courses are taught by certified instructors that are highly qualified in their field. Most of the courses earn one-half credit per course. Students can enroll at any time and finish as soon as a week and up to one year. However, students should check with school counselors and administration prior to enrollment to ensure classes meet graduation requirements.


  • Self-Paced
  • Flexibility
  • Numerous Courses
  • Project-Based learning
  • Increases graduation rate
  • Addresses students' needs
  • Builds connections

Distance education courses are self-paced which gives students the opportunity to get course credits in a variety of subjects at home and in the classroom. It requires students to be responsible and self-motivated.

The distance education program helps students succeed in a rapidly changing learning environment. Incorporating online learning plays a fundamental role in student education, now and for the future.

If you have any questions about our Academic Options Program please contact Gwendolyn Mays or your student's counselor.    

Gwendolyn Mays
Credit Recovery Systems Coordinator
Phone: 503.366.7437