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Essential Skills

Local Assessment Option

In Oregon, students graduating in 2014 and beyond must demonstrate proficiency in the Mathematics Essential Skill to:

Apply mathematics in a variety of settings

·         Interpret a situation and apply workable mathematical concepts and strategies, using appropriate technologies where applicable.

·         Produce evidence, such as graphs, data, or mathematical models, to obtain and verify a solution.

·         Communicate and defend the verified process and solution, using pictures, symbols, models, narrative or other methods.

 Students can fulfill this requirement by: 1) passing the 11th grade SBAC assessment, or 2) achieving pre-determined scores on other standardized assessments such as the SAT, ACT or 3) successfully mastering 2 math problem solving work samples or 4) a local assessment option.

 In addition to 1, 2 and 3 above, St. Helens School District is participating in a local assessment option in Mathematics being used in districts around the state of Oregon called the IAP (Interim Assessment Program) from SMcCurriculum.  More information about the assessment can be found at

 The purpose of the assessment is to allow students to demonstrate proficiency in the mathematics essential skill.  The scoring methodology can be found in the full pilot report at  All students at St. Helens High School have access to the IAP through their Mathematics classes. 

IAP scores are available for students immediately upon finishing the computer-based assessment.  Students will receive a certificate showing they have demonstrated the math essential skill in Oregon if they meet the cut score of 182.