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Plant the Flower

Our Plant the Flower campaign makes a statement about “how we do it here.” We believe in healthy relational connections as the context for health. The flower says, “we believe in and support healthy connection as a way to promote mental, emotional and behavioral health.”

Our kids need to grow in a connected community. Their mental, emotional and behavioral health is learned and absorbed from their environment – we as their environment. The more we foster belonging and significance in our connectedness, the more our St. Helens ecosystem will find its healthy balance.

Our way to show our connectedness is to “Plant the Flower.” Put it in your car window, on your storefront, in your signature line, on your Facebook page, or . . .  be creative.


ConnectSH Flower

Free to download and use.  Put one in your front window, your car, on your phone, in your email or social media!


Connect Battleground