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The Role of Families

Each family is a child’s first teacher. We value families as partners in the growth and development of children in our program. We encourage parents and other family members to be involved in the program, visit children’s classrooms, participate in events, and provide feedback on the program. We offer a variety of ways in which families can participate in helping us establish and reach our program goals.

Family members can fill many roles in the program, based on interests, skills, and program needs. Families are viewed as part of the program team, so each participant may determine what level of involvement they would like to have within the program. Family members may decide to volunteer in the classroom, to provide guidance through our program advisory board, to help Cubs Corner & Little Lions raise funds for projects or improvements, and many other options. Each child’s enrollment is a substantial benefit to the program’s success. Every contribution, on any level, is greatly appreciated.

On-site volunteers need to obtain clearance through St. Helens School District and enroll in the state’s child care criminal registry prior to beginning their participation. Within thirty days of placement, volunteers will also need to obtain a food handler's card. The Early Childhood Education Coordinator will provide the necessary information and forms. Volunteers are encouraged to obtain CPR/First Aid certification as part of their program involvement.