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Building Construction

Our program consists of a robust 4-year program including job site and offsite community work.  Students will have the opportunity to get professional tools, gain professional skills, and be hired at a professional wage if they complete the construction program successfully!
  • Year 1: Students will create numerous projects that they keep to teach them tool and machine safety.
  • Year 2: Students will learn more woodworking and move on to construction techniques.
  • Year 3: Students can either pursue woodworking skills and choose their own projects or head to the job site to join the R&R crew remodeling houses.
  • Year 4: The same as year 3, but with more advanced projects and working as a leader for year 3 students.

If you are interested in these careers and the future you might have in the construction fields,
please see the Student Support Services   We Are Proud Competitors in Skillsusa!   

If you have tools or materials to donate for a tax-deductible donation, please contact the instructors.    


SHHS Courses

Independent Carpentry
Renovations & Remodeling
Woodworking 1, 2
Woodworking Advanced
Heavy Equipment Operation



Mr. Joe Mauck
Building Construction

Location: D64-Woods

Mr. Jesse Godfrey

Location: D64-Woods