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Academic Options

Academic Options help students succeed in a rapidly changing learning environment. Incorporating online learning plays a fundamental role in student education, now and for the future.

Many courses are self-paced it requires students to be responsible and self-motivated.

Placement in these courses is a team decision involving students, school counselors, and administration for the purpose of meeting graduation requirements.

Student take courses for five reasons:

  • They need to make up credit for a class that was failed or not taken.
  • Want courses not offered by a brick-and-mortar school.
  • They want to make faster progress than in the classroom alone.
  • School scheduling conflicts.
  • They want to graduate early.

Before enrolling please see counselor to ensure courses meet graduation criteria. 

For more information please contact your counselor or one of the specialists below.

Mr. Michael McCullough
Student Support Specialist
Phone: 503-366-7484

 Ms. Gwendolyn Mays
Credit Recovery Coordinator
Phone: 503-366-7437

Academic Options