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Computer Usage

While using the school computers, students must adhere to all aspects of the district technology usage guidelines as set forth by St. Helens School District.

"Students may be permitted to use the district’s system only to conduct research related to education consistent with the district’s mission or goals. Students may not use school computers for personal use during class time, consistent with the general use prohibitions and guideline/etiquette set forth in administrative regulation."

"E-mail and internet surfing are allowed only before school, at lunch and after school-never during class time. Access of inappropriate materials is always forbidden (District Policy), whether it is through the internet or e-mail. Loss of lab privileges for the year will be the direct result of such infractions. Students may not enter computer labs without written permission from a staff member and at the discretion of the lab supervisor at the time. Students may not work in computer labs unattended. No food or drink will be allowed in computer labs."
(Computer Use Policy - Student Handbook)

"No eating will be allowed in the computer labs. All food and drink shall be consumed in the cafeteria, commons, or a supervising teacher's classroom during lunch time.."
(Student Code of Conduct - Student Handbook )

Violation of any one of these guidelines will result in suspension of computer privileges on all school computers Repeat offenders will be referred for disciplinary action.